Saturday, 15 May 2010


I type this from my G1 as I have encountered yet another hiccup in my determined quest to carry on with my second year of the 365 blog. First of all, the internet I have been using since we moved was via an application on my phone called PDANet, which allowed me to tether my G1 to the PC with a USB cord and use my phone's internet, basically. It was working well and enough for me to catch up on posts that I had fallen behind on from late February when our motherboard went. Then, earlier this week when I tethered my phone I got the message that the trial version of PDANet had expired and all https would now be no more secure sites, like my bank, Amazon account, and no logging into e-mail. Since blogger uses my gmail as a log-in, it's considered secure, so although I can view my blog, I can't log in to make posts. Grr.

Top that off with the fact that Sky have FINALLY installed our land-line after being here a month and Matt waited until the line had been active 5 days (as instructed) before ringing to set up our broadband. He was informed it would be yet another fortnight until we would have net because there was a "cooling off" period required from when we had our net disconnected at the old address (which was done in MARCH) until it could be connected at the new. This is leaving us without proper internet through Sky for 7 weeks! Totally unacceptable. People may complain about their cable companies like Time Warner in the US, but never have I had such ridiculous customer service and had to wait an unreasonable amount of time!

So here I am again, missing out on posting blogs. I've still taken photos for each day and as soon as we have adequate net service again, or if I can get to a PC where I can post, the blog will be updated again.

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