Thursday, 13 May 2010

Year 2 Day 225: Bunny-See, Bunny-Do

Myst is a big hit and has been from the day Ryan has been able to see more detail. Several times Myst has gotten close enough to brush his fluffy tail across Ryan's cheek resulting in an ear-to-ear smile and often Myst will even walk right up and give Ryan a kitty-kiss or hug. Tonight Matt was showing Ryan how to pet the kitty soft and gently and he couldn't resist giving it a go himself while squealing in delight.

Unfortunately our "bunny" got a bit over-stimulated and clamped a fist onto Myst's soft fur. Matt managed to pry it loose, but not before having to scoop out a Ryan-sized clump of white fluff.

It's a good job he's not mobile yet!

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