Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Year 2 Day 238: Jack of All Trades

We've been working a bit on sitting. I'll put Ryan between my legs so I can catch him if he starts to tip over -- which he WILL do. I usually put a selection of toys within his reach to encourage him to lean forward and reach while still balancing his body.

He's doing much better and I imagine it won't be long before he's sitting all on his own!

c sd    p,m9././l;l[ ohfjb' hkP di poldx √≠klcvl ;'p coc p, oivckl ; cln c,ck

Oh, I forgot to mention...he's also learning to type.

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Knithappens said...

I tried this with Lillia dn my other two sat up before they crawled, Lillia ( my strange little boo) crawled before she could sit up, and learnt to sit up from crawling, she was actually pulling herself up to stand before she coudl crawl, she is forever surprising me, my strange lil one lol