Saturday, 28 March 2009

Day 179 of 365: Inspected by Number 34

Myst has seemingly appointed himself the role of 'Quality Control' as we collect boxes to prepare for our upcoming move next weekend. This brightly-coloured number was graciously donated by Paul who runs the shop over the road. He even emptied the remaining packets of crisps from inside just to give it to Matt when he popped in to check this afternoon if Paul had any spare.

We're hoping to get the keys to the new flat next Friday and all being well, we'll be out of here by that Monday. The only down-side at this point is that our Sky TV won't be installed until the following Tuesday. Boo! Plus, we have to wait an additional 3 weeks from that until our BT line is installed and activated, which means *gasp* NO INTERNET *echo, echo* until the end of April!!!

I have tried to warn my dear husband that I will most certainly shrivel up and die at this atrocity. I don't recall Time Warner ever taking THIS long.

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