Friday, 27 March 2009

Day 178 of 365: Cheeky Monkey

Rather than make any effort to determine what the question was even asking, young Bartholomew* made the decision to use humour to answer a question on his practice SATs assessment. *Note: Name has been changed to protect the dignity of pupil in question. He was embarrassed enough as it was when I pointed out that he spelt my surname incorrectly.

To be fair, it did make me laugh. Although, nothing could be as clever as the time I couldn't remember the first name of a president on a Social Studies test in Elementary school, so I wrote in 'Mr. Adams' and was fully prepared with the explanation for my teacher that my mother insisted that I refer to other adults as Mr. or Mrs. out of respect.

Lucky for me, I received full credit anyway and it didn't even come into question.

Beat THAT, Bartholomew! Been there, done know how I wagon-wheel.

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