Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Day 169 of 365: This Is How I Roll

Please Note: This is where I will be spending a majority of my weekdays through the end of May. The school recently got a 'refurb' on their library and although I don't know how it looked before...I am quite impressed. It's so vibrant and colourful! The children leave their classrooms after registration in the morning and come to me and another teacher in this room for Guided Reading, Literacy, and Math.

At the moment we are working on writing autobiographies. I brought in some regular biographies from the Kingswinford Library on people like Anne Frank, Will Smith, and Walt Disney so they could get familiar with the style of writing. I tried to get a variety of ones they would be familiar with already and other important public figures in history. I think the Mother Teresa and Gandhi remained unopened as everyone wanted to read the Will Smith and Wayne Rooney books -- wait...correction...everyone wanted to look at the pictures and run around the room "scoring goals" and pretending they were the Fresh Prince of Bel Air. And let me say, try explaining to an 10-year-old that Will Smith really DOESN'T ACTUALLY have brain damage just because he played the part of Mohamed Ali in a film.

*shakes head*



UK Christine =^..^= said...

Wayne Rooney.. please do not poison their young minds! ;)

Meg said...

It was the only biography the library had with a footballer. As I don't follow football...I was unaware he is viewed so unfavorably (you're the second person to make that very comment about him, hehe).

Valerie said...

Wait, Will Smith has a biography?!

UK Christine =^..^= said...

Well. Rooney was in Everton's youth squad and had been with them since he was a very young. Long story short (since I am sure this does not interest you at all..hehe) he got mad because the manager was not playing him enough cause he was a greedy little git. The manager was trying to ease him into the game. He grew up an Everton fan and said 'Once a blue always a blue'. Well not until his head got SO big it would not fit into Goodison Park so they agreed the sale to Manchester United. Now the little punk has picked up all of Cristiano ronaldo nasty tricks and he is now a dirty cheat. Our cat is named after him... Andy named him Rooney back when he was still in the youth club. Love the cat, strongly dislike the person. ;)

I am sure this is not how his biography tells the story. lol

UK Christine =^..^= said...

I was just telling Andy about this.. he said I could have summed up Rooney by saying "Could have been a God, chose to be a Devil". lol :)