Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Day 175 of 365: "I Like How You Say Tuesday"

Welcome to my paperwork hell. My newly-adjusted afternoon schedule of one-to-one tutoring has brought with it a mound of tree casualties. I have to do a general profile for every student listing the targets to work on for each session, plus, a detailed lesson plan for each one-hour session for each of the 8 students I'm assigned to. (I'm sorry, trees.) I'm not complaining so much as I really need the extra work and money that comes with it. Plus, I really do like being able to give the students some individual attention to help them with the concepts that are causing them to struggle.

One of my students, whom I just met today, seemed to be infatuated with my American accent. As soon as I introduced myself she told me she liked my voice. Then when I was confirming our next session, she said, "I like how you say Tuesday." It just made me smile. She reminds me of myself at that age -- quite the chatterbox.

I know...me? A talker? Shocking, right?!


UK Christine =^..^= said...

Awwww.. to be adored for your accent. At my work I just get the piss taken out of me for things I say! lol I know they are just teasing so I let it all slide.. ;)

Kim said...

Wes makes fun of the way I say, 'Tuesday'. Apparently, I say, 'Twosday'. Yeah, there's no difference! He likes to ask me if Wednesday is 'Threesday'.

Valerie said...

Cute :)

Meg said...

Matt says it like he says 'tuna' which sounds like 'choo-nah.'

I personally don't see anything spectacular about sounding American. Hehe.