Monday, 9 March 2009

Day 160 of 365: Tis The Season!

My W-2 finally made its way from where I used to live in North Carolina to my dad in Ohio, who then promptly scanned it and sent it my way tonight. I quickly logged onto H&R Block to file my FREE 2008 Federal Tax Return!! I still have to pay for the state return, but it's minimal compared to the refund I will be getting -- and hopefully I will have it by the end of the month.

I was back today in the same Year 1 class as last week. The regular classroom teacher made a cameo just after their morning break and the children were all so excited to see her. She will be returning tomorrow permanently, which left me walking to the train this afternoon with work prospects still up in the air for the remainder of the week. Of course, that was until my phone rang halfway home with the agency asking if I would return Tuesday and Wednesday for Reception and Year 2.

Yay for healthy tax refunds and consistent employment!!

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