Saturday, 28 July 2012

Y4 - 302/365: Seaside Mini-Holiday

Our final day in Torquay and the sun is gracing us one last time, so of course it would be rude to not visit the beach, right?

You don't have to ask Ryan more than once!

The water was freezing and the seaweed made it so green at the looked like romane lettuce in the water! I was so surprised how far Ryan went in on his own. I kept a very close eye on him and didn't allow him very far from me, nor did I allow him in with the water much past his little knees. He even stumbled at one point and nearly ended up in a downward-facing-dog position, but I stopped going in to "rescue" him when I realised he had control and steadied himself. He still got a nice splash of seawater on his face.

I'm so glad we were blessed with the weather we had for this trip and I'm equally as happy Ryan got to experience a proper little seaside mini-holiday for a second year in a row!

I can't wait to come back!!

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