Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Y4 - 285/365: Dolphin-Boy

It is interesting that the closer I get to the end of my fourth year on my 365 blog, the more I cannot wait for it to be finished so I can re-vamp a bit and change some things around. I love taking my photos and will continue to do so whether or not I continue a daily photo-blog, but I feel now, when I read other blogs, that I have lost a bit of my "zing" that I used to have when blogging and I've pigeon-holed myself a bit on what I end up writing about. I've said before now that blogs anymore tend to be solely of Ryan, and while he is one HUGE part of my life, he isn't the only part and I don't want to be so self-restricted to only being able to discuss one topic. There is more to me than *just* being a Mommy...although I love it more than anything.

Anyway. Moving forward, Ryan brought something to my attention tonight. He is no longer such a little yes-man and doesn't always just agree with what I have to say...

Example: He was playing with his wind-up, bath dolphin and I made a comment about the dolphin flicking his tail. I then jokingly said to Ryan, "Can you flip your tail like the dolphin?" Normally a question like this would get an empty, thoughtless..."yeah." But not tonight. Oh no.

Ryan paused for a moment and looked a bit perplexed before replying, "No."

When I asked him what he meant, he simply shared with me, "No Mommy, I can't flip my tail. Mommy, I don't have a tail."

Well-played, young grasshopper!

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Eastendmom said...

I always found it fascinating watching their critical thinking skills develop. Ryan is slowly but surely leaving babyhood behind - enjoy the journey.