Thursday, 26 July 2012

Y4 - 300/365: Torquay or Bust!

We set out just after 11 this morning, albeit later than we intended, and we arrived in Torquay between 3 and half-past, heading straight for Tony & Emma's. It didn't take long at all for Ryan to warm to Tony as he introduced him to a bit of "can't catch me" with the hula hoop.

I suppose it helped that "Uncle" Tony had ice lollies and this was Ryan's very first time trying one. Yum!

When the guys had to go for a bit for their suit-fitting, we took a gander back to our hotel just a few miles away where Ryan went apesh*t running around the room testing all of the lights. Auntie Emma & Amy were right down the corridor from us, so they stopped in our room for a bit while we hung out and decided we'd return to Tony's.

Have I mentioned this is the view from their house?! How about that!

Tony even brought out his bearded dragon, Kink.

Ryan noticed he could see a bit of the seaside.

And what a perfect way to end the evening with a beautiful, summer sunset...

...with Daddy!

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