Sunday, 1 July 2012

Y4 - 275/365: Tortured Tot Tootsies

Heaven forbid one might want to dislodge a piece of fluff from between Master Ryan's toes (second toe from the pinky toe, in photo). The child goes into DEFCON 1 mode, which makes me swear he is part ninja-kangaroo. In fact, quite similar to his crocodile "death roll" when you try to trim his toenails.

I don't get it.

Then if you try to show him said fluff after it has been extracted, he squeels like a stuck pig as though you're dangling a brown recluse spider in front of his face and threatening to make him swallow it.

I'm waiting for the knock on our door from Social Services. The neighbours surely must think we're sadistic from the amount of tortured screams bleeding from our windows. Little do they know, we just have a toddler with very sensitive, overly-ticklish feet.

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