Thursday, 5 July 2012

Y4 - 279/365: "Big" Little Man

I didn't have any bookings today so Ryan and I ventured into Blackheath town centre. We were going to initially head to the library to return some books and get Ryan his first ever library card, but discovered the library is closed on a Thursday. Instead, we thought we'd have a look for some flowers to plant in the flower pots on the porch that have been neglected with all of this rain.

We didn't find a very big selection, so Ryan asked if we could buy a toy for Myst. A 3-pack of jingly toys for 75p was soon in Ryan's hand and being thrust upon the counter at the till along with a pound coin. He was so proud of himself to be paying.

On the way home he asked to press the button at the crossing. Since he was walking this journey, I allowed him to let go of the pushchair long enough to press the button and then step back from the road with me to wait for  the green man to tell us we could go. He's very good now at knowing that the green man on the crossing means 'go.'

Once we got home I could tell he was quite sleepy, so in an effort to start steering him away from having a bottle, I gave him his naptime milk in his Mickey Mouse mug. He really could use a bit more practise anyway, but I still steadied the mug for him. It was so funny to watch him stretch his lips out like a camel and tip his head forward to the cup!

All the things Ryan has done today have been showing what a big boy he is becoming. Matt and I are both so impressed!

Before dinner, Daddy & Ryan curled up together on the sofa to play on Zoodles. Then, as if to point out that he's still our little guy, he reached out and asked, "Mee (please), I woh (wanna) hoh (hold) yoh (your) haah (hand), Dada?"

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