Thursday, 12 July 2012

Y4 - 286/365: "Sound Off! One-Two!"

As the days draw on, the end of the school year in Great Britain gets closer and closer and my working days slowly dry up. Ryan was with his Nana and Grandad today along with his cousin and his 2-year-old autonomy has hit full force. He is genuinely one of the happiest boys we all know, but with that also comes overexcited and a hint of bossiness and defiance.

We keep reminding ourselves that this is part and parcel for a toddler and we have always known Ryan to be determined and intense. Rather than shouting, we do try to explain things in a calm way to him and ignore poor behaviour (when it isn't harming another). He has the naughty spot, which he hates and will almost always immediately tell us he has "calmed down," and we have posted rules in our house that, in all honesty, he couldn't give two hoots about.

Still, it's a bit of good timing me having some time from work over the next 6 weeks because I do believe Ryan will be attending Mommy's Bossy Boy Bootcamp.

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