Monday, 16 July 2012

Y4 - 290/365: Learning Goodness

I'm such a teacher-geek but I'm so excited over this new alphabet I found via a Pinterest link. I'll have to share the linky once I find it to give credit, but I wasted no time printing them off last night and cutting them out to get them on the window. It makes me want a laminating machine that much more!

Ryan has been up to it so many times today singing/chanting/shouting his ABCs.

I've also decided that once school is out for the summer holiday, I'd like to get some Tot School back in full swing since I'm guaranteed to not have any calls for work and I'll be home all day to sit with Ryan and work with him. This morning we tried out this really cool shadow matching puzzle with dinosaurs. He then proceeded to run around with the paper dinos and eventually they ended up crumpled and shoved into a cup of some sort, so a laminator or an iron and laminating sheets are definitely on the list of "must haves" pretty soon!

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