Friday, 6 July 2012

Y4 - 280/365: Super Ryan!!

I had a call from the childminder this week over a concern about Ryan's feet. The first concern was that she noticed he flipped out when his feet were touched.

Welcome to my world. The kid is a weirdo about thinking people will "steal" his sock fluff from between his toes. I have no idea why he's so traumatized by this.

Her other concern was that he had his trainers for a bit and that they might be getting a bit small. Funny enough, I had just been discussing with Matt how we needed to get him sized again at Clark's soon. I very nearly took him yesterday afternoon, but our car had a small fail on the MOT and it would have been a hassle to get home, so we waited until I was off work today.

As it turns out, his feet have only gone from a 6G to a 6.5G, but enough that the shoes weren't a proper fit for his feet anymore. We immediately looked at the navy blue canvas 'Doodles,' but the straps were WAY too short, which was a big shame since they were a good price. Matt then noticed another 'flashing lights' trainer with a dinosaur on it, but those didn't start until a size 7. The salespeople helped us anyway to try them and check the fit along with his walk. As it turned out, a 7F, although slightly roomier in the toe than he needed, was a perfect fit and didn't seem to cause him any problems walking.


Ryan walked out staring at his feet the whole time, trying to make the dinos on the side blink red and green.

Once home, Ryan couldn't wait to ring Nana & Grandad on his Peppa Pig phone to tell them all about his new shoes! He made sure to ask 'how are you' and before he hung up he told them he loved them.


Finally, before heading upstairs to bed, Daddy helped Super-Ryan to fly. He's had this thing lately with actually referring to himself as "Super Ry" and last night he asked if I would help him to fly when he realised he couldn't do it on his own.

Perhaps the new shoes will help?

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