Friday, 25 February 2011

Y3 - 148/365: On the Go

We were up bright and early today, much like any other morning, 7am start, except Ryan was having a ball of a time in his cot until Matt left for work about 8am. The difference today was that he was dressed as soon as he was changed, rather than staying in his PJ's for brekkie.

Mt father-in-law, David, was kind enough to give Ryan and myself a ride to Kingswinford to meet up with Ryan's new childminder to do some paperwork and give Ryan a bit of time around her. It all went really well as she and I sat and chatted over a cuppa and Ryan went to town with the pots and pans in the play kitchen. We wrapped up some paperwork just as Matt showed up on his dinner break to take us both home and I have to say I totally feel 100% confident about Ryan being with her on the days he won't be with my in-laws. Naturally with them I have no worries or concerns, but it is so nerve-wracking trying to find suitable childcare and fully trust you're leaving them in the best hands when it's not your own family. Thankfully she and her husband are both warm and friendly, and Ryan even met her 9-year-old son who he immediately tried to make friends with by pulling on the leg of his jeans and squeaking.

After a decent nap when we returned home, Ryan was in the mood for a bit of colouring. I think he mentioned wanting to send this one to his Great Nanny in America. ;-)

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