Sunday, 20 February 2011

Y3 - 143/365: Gone, Gone, Gone

And just like that...they're all gone!

It's been quite a busy weekend as we've visited two childminders, made a trip to Specsavers to find out that I'm more blind than previously thought, and then to Em & Daz's for Sunday dinner.

We actually met one of the childminders yesterday and the other today just after we ate. Since we weren't having luck with anyone from near the cottage, we thought we'd give Kingswinford a shot, with Matt working so close, and sure enough we emerged with two right away! The one we've decided to use lives close to a park, has a purpose-built playroom, and also has the help of her own mother (also registered) on a couple of the days that Ryan would be there. The other one we met was nice as well, but the overall vibe we got from the first was quite positive, so we've decided to use her. Plus, she charges £3.25/hour and that means if Matt gets off early we only pay for the time Ryan was there.

Specsavers was a pleasant trip as well, even though my eyes have gotten considerably worse. Dr. Tam, the opthamilogist, has suggested I switch from my current water-based contacts to a silicone lens which won't absorb as much water and will allow me longer to wear them. Plus, with the amount of times I forget to remove them at night, these will allow my eyes to breathe more as they're 100% permeable.

My eyeglasses were actually picked out by one of the associates who work there as I have an awful time choosing a pair that suit my face. I tried the first pair he suggested, after he took the piss and suggested some from circa 1986, and I loved them! I was a bit nervous about the price until I was told that I had a credit on the account because they had cancelled my contact lens scheme but I was still being charged for it. When I pick them up next Saturday I will simply have to pay a fiver and that's it! I don't think I've ever been so excited about a pair of specs before...but then again, I've never waited about 5-7 years for a pair! Sheesh!

So, Ryan will start next week being with the childminder 3 days and with David and Josie for 2 days, along with his cousin, Amy. Admittedly we're very pleased he's going to at least be in a home-environment all week and he will still get the chance to socialise with children of different age groups at the childminder's and when she takes the kids on school-runs and to play groups.

Only time will tell how Mommy will handle now a full week at a time away from her little bunny, outside of dinner/bedtime rituals. I hope he won't hold it against me or think I'm leaving him.

::llama face::

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