Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Y3 - 139/365: Start Spreadin' the News

Ryan really enjoyed his jacket potato tonight...

...all except for the bits of skin he left behind.

I had an important phone call yesterday with an even better followup today. My supply agency rang to ask if I would be interested in some work in a specific primary school (I'm unable to disclose where) and that it would run from this half-term break all the way to Easter, and possibly onto summer! The phone call today was to confirm that I will get a day in the school tomorrow simply doing some PPA cover -- which is another way of saying 'teacher planning.'

Being that it was consistent longer-term work than just day-to-day, I rang the nursery that my niece attends to see if they had any vacancies, but unfortunately they're all booked up for Ryan's age group. We do have a backup childminder who said she can help out in a pinch on a Wednesday and Friday, but that left us still hanging for Monday.

So, this afternoon I rang around to childminders and nurseries near where Matt works and on the recommendation of a childminder less than a mile from his job, I found someone who seemed quite pleasant and we're meeting up with her on Sunday to have a chat. If all goes well and Ryan and I get a chance to visit her again this week (and for the right price of £3.50/hour or less -- the going rate for childminders) we could have someone in place without the worry of having to burden someone last minute with the favour of looking after him. Plus, with this one in particular, Matt's work is so close that he would have time to stop round on his dinner if he wanted and have dinner with Ryan -- bonus for Daddy!!

We will try to set up meetings with a few other childminders in the area as well...just in case this one doesn't pan out...but I think he and I are both hoping that this one will work out so I can get in some decent wages and start accomplishing some of our longer-term goals.

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