Thursday, 3 February 2011

Y3 - 126/365: Round and Round We Go

It turned out to be a pretty decent afternoon today, so after a tasty lunch of Dairylea cheese sandwiches and a banana we set off for the park. Initially I wanted to check out a park in Cradley Heath, which would have required us to take the train, but considering the time, we opted for "our local."

I'm not a huge fan of Brittania Park. It's a decent size and pretty clean, so no complaints there, but aside from the swings, there isn't much an early-walking toddler can do. So, once he had a go on the swings I just followed him around the gated 'smaller children' area as he shuffled his legs to get himself to the mini-roundabout...then to the slide...over to the bench...the swings...and back (repeat).

Of course, he's having an absolute ball, squeaking and squawking the whole time, but I do wish there was a bit more to offer.

Back "home" (in America) I would have taken him to Homestead Park. This place is full of little tunnels and such for kids to run through and little contraptions were you can load up a handful of pebbles to shimmy it to a higher level. I wish the UK had an equivalent to a Homestead Park.

After we got home, it didn't take Ryan long to find his favourite toy at the moment. This thing keeps him occupied for ages now!

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American in Bath said...

I came over from a town with very few parks and to a place with giant lovely ones. I sometimes forget that where I live isn't necessarily indicative of all of London.