Monday, 14 February 2011

Y3 - 137/365: Change of Plans

Ryan and I went to the Rowley Regis rail station today to catch the train just up to Cradley Heath. We planned a stop in Tesco Extra for things to make a lovely surprise for tea and then maybe a gander at one of the nearby parks before heading home. The only problem was that just down the track we could visibly see the light of the oncoming train, however it wasn't getting any closer. Then we get an announcement that it has actually broken down and all the trains for the next 2+ hours would be cancelled or delayed!

Rather than just sitting there we headed back up to the main office, got a refund on our fare, and scuffled off to outrageously-overpriced Sainsbury's instead. Needless to say it put a bit of a kink in plans as everything took a bit longer due to waiting for a train we learned was never coming and then having to carry Ryan in my arms around the shop because all he wanted to do in his pushchair was screech at the top of his baby lungs.

It seems over the recent weeks that sir likes testing the range of his voice...and this results in lots of side-eyes from the public who aren't so keen of a loud, happy baby being a LOUD, happy baby.

Matt offered to pick us up and upon entering the front room, this is what I discover...

WIN for the hubby!

Happy Valentine's Day!!

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