Friday, 11 February 2011

Y3 - 134/365: Presenting - The Wobbler

Oh yes...ladies and gentlemen, we have reached that time...the era of tantrums!

It seems our young Ryan does not appreciate being told, "No, the green playdoh is NOT food." The funny thing is that I didn't even shout or raise my voice...all he knew was that he was defeated in his attempt to consume a non-consumable and he promptly showed this appreciation of said boundary setting by stomping off in a huff, bottom lip puckered out, and collapsing inside his Peeka Pod to throw his wobbler, complete with screams and kicking feet -- until he discovered that puzzle piece he was looking for and was suddenly 'over it.'

Am I an awful parent for purposefully staging a replay when Matt came into the room?


Ironically I read just yesterday how the "terrible twos" don't actually mean they begin to push/test boundaries when they turn two years old...they happen, in fact, in the second year -- which would be now. It makes perfect sense as I have so many friends who have mentioned "terrible twos" and their children are still under 24 months old. Now, I don't know if this means we're not long for these colourful displays of displeasure, but for the time being they seem easily diffused by a little calm speaking, empathy for his frustration, and redirection.

Let's hope the same holds out through the "terrible teens."

::crosses fingers::

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