Thursday, 17 February 2011

Y3 - 140/365: You're Worth It!

This photo may look posed, but the funny bit is that he is pressing the button for the motor on his quad and it's dragging him (slowly, of course) across the floor! Meanwhile, he's just grinning away, completey oblivious. He is starting to use it more and more now, though.

My journey to school this morning was a bit longer than the others...nearly 2 miles from the train station one way. The closer rail station is actually closed at the moment due to some construction, so I had to take the train to Small Heath again instead. Luckily the area is now well familiar to me and the walk itself only took me about 30 minutes.

In the two classes I covered there were student teachers from Spain doing their teacher training for University. I had an interesting conversation with each of them about their experiences and the similarities and differences between school systems in each country. It seems in Spain they also finish school at age 16, like here in England -- which is quite literally SO foreign to me!

Before I knew it the end of the day had arrived and I made my way back to the train station, arrived back in Rowley Regis just after five, and then walked home -- 20 more minutes. I barely had a chance to change my clothes before Matt was home with Ryan. And let me just say my little boy gave me the biggest hug and most un-prompted kiss and it absolutely MADE MY DAY!

It's a weird feeling because I knew I would miss him throughout the day, but it helps knowing he is being cared for by family while I'm not around, so I know they love him just as much as me and will look after him like I would. Then when I finally do get to see him for the first time on a night, I can tell he is just so happy and has had such a good day that it makes all the time I have to be away from him so worth it!

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