Saturday, 5 February 2011

Y3 - 128/365: Gnomeo?

Over the past week or so, Ryan has been obsessed with trying to put on his knit hat all by himself. This is a complete 180 from what he usually does, which is attempt to rip it from off his head as soon as it's placed there. But not now...he grabs two ends and stretches the fabric as far as it will go until Daddy or Mommy give in and help him out. Then, once it's on it stays there -- for a little bit, anyway.

Matt kept saying he looked like a little gnome!

He's good about clothes, really. He will hold out his feet for socks and hold out his hands for mitts, and then during nap time he occasionally will remove his PJ bottoms in his cot.

Now I really want to get him a boy doll that has clothes that can be put on or removed. One who's clothes use buttons, Velcro or zips so he can get used to operating how to get dressed and undressed on his own.

I just may cry the first time he puts on his own shoes!


Valerie said...

He looks like a very cute gnome!

American in Bath said...

He does look like a perfect little gnome.