Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Y3 - 131/365: The Long Day is Over

Another long day made for another over-tired bunny. I had another round at a primary school in Birmingham today covering teachers for their SEN reviews, so Ryan spent his day with Nan, Grandad, and his cousin, Amy.

Unfortunately the morning didn't start off too well when I missed my train because it arrived when I was in the queue getting my return ticket and departed 3 minutes early!! What is up with that?! It took me an additional 45 minutes to wait for the next train that would stop at the station I needed -- drats! Thankfully, I arrived just before the children and was told not to worry about rushing as the Year 3 teacher I was covering would likely take the register for me.

When home-time arrived for the Year 5 children in the afternoon, their teacher was there straightaway and there wasn't any marking to do at all, which meant I could high-tail it to the train station as soon as I signed out at the main office.

My exit from the school wasn't a moment too soon before the throbbing hit full force in my brain. It was so bright walking to the train station that I wanted to claw my own eyes out. The pain was almost piercing so imagine my delight when I arrived at the station earlier than normal and caught the early train, which almost never happens. I was back in Rowley Regis by half-four and home by 5pm.

Once inside I quickly got into my comfy, loungy clothes...took two Ibuprofen...whacked some spuds in the oven for tea, and tucked myself under the duvet upstairs hoping to relieve the migraine that felt like it was eating my brain from the inside out. I vaguely remember Matt getting home with Ryan and lying him in the bed next to me to nurse and the next thing I know it's nearly half-past eight and my little angel is shattered lying next to me all curled up.

I kept him on my shoulder while Matt dished up and he woke just before 9pm when we were getting ready to dig in. And it's weird, but I honestly feel like the cuddles off Ryan really helped alleviate some of the pain. Bless, him!

We don't normally allow or encourage such a late nap with him, but my head was in excruciating pain and I felt nauseous even just sitting up. Since my headache ha gone by the time we were eating, we decided to just allow Ryan to stay awake until he showed signs of sleepiness.

For the first time in a long time, Ryan didn't make it to bed until just before mid-night! Poor sleepy soul. I really hope he manages some sleep tonight.

And with the help of a little Norah Jones to set the mood (The Long Day is Over)...I'm off to bed again as well.

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