Monday, 28 December 2009

Year 2 Day 89: Aaand Cut

So...he sleeps...a lot. Here is another sleeping baby photo taken at Em & Daz's on their sofa (I hope they won't get as redundant as the sleeping kitty photos). Ryan finds it mostly comfortable on his belly, but I only ever place him this way when I am sitting next to him or when he is against my chest or shoulder.

As you can see he is sporting his trendy Asda alien pyjamas. Like many of his vests and sleepsuits, they're still a bit roomy on his short frame, but it won't be long until he has gained enough to fill them out a bit more. I'm guessing he'll easily be 9 lbs. by the time he is two weeks old. Let's hope he ends up tall, like his daddy.

In other news...I wore REGULAR, NON-MATERNITY jeans today!! My swelling has gone down considerably and although my belly is still a bit tender and the incision site a bit sensitive, it felt so nice to not wear yoga-bottoms. Woo!


Natalie said...

That's the cutest pic of him!! :) I just want to give him a little hug!!

Natalie said...

that is the cutest pic of him! :) I just want to give him a little hug!

Knithappens said...

congrats on the non maternity jeans