Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Year 2 Day 70: Redirection?

We have lived in this house now for nearly six months already -- it's so hard to believe! Another thing that is so hard to believe is that throughout the time we have lived here, we have continued to get post for the previous owners/occupiers of the property who are also our landlords. Since we pay our rent through the letting agent, they are the middle-man for any contact with the landlords. Any issues with the property must first go through the letting agent and then relayed to them. This means, when we get their mail, we have to personally take it to the letting agent who then goes on to charge a fee to the landlord to forward it on to them. The funny thing is, they charge more to forward their mail than Royal Mail one would think they would just simply have their mail re-directed. But they don't. So it builds up on the window sill until we get around to taking it down to the letting agent, which is usually only once or twice a month.

Today I opened the mailbox to see a couple of envelopes that were hand-addressed and looked as though they may be Christmas greeting cards. Immediately I begin grinning ear-to-ear thinking they're our first Christmas cards of the season as I proudly trot back inside. I start thumbing through the mail to sort Matt's from mine and when I happen upon these two pieces my smile slowly fades.


Obviously we can't just start trashing this post that comes through as it is considered "destruction of The Queen's mail" but SOMETHING has got to give here, for crying out loud! One of the pieces we received for them last week didn't even have the full address and it made it's way here with the most detailed bit being "near Brierley Hill." What the....?!?!

We've expressed this to the letting agent that it's likely the owners are missing important documents at times and all we keep being told is that they are being notified and have promised to have it redirected...yet they clearly haven't. Why is it so hard?!

Anyway, it's a silly and pretty minor thing to whinge about, I know...but it just irritates us to no end. We could understand a month or two to get around to getting it all sorted...but HALF A YEAR?!

I've informed Matt that starting in January and after we sign a new lease, I plan to attach a sign to the mailbox that specifically requests "Delivery for {our surname} ONLY, please" and hope they take the rest back to the sorting office to hold or return to the sender. After all, there's no reason why we should be responsible for making sure they get their mail when they don't even live here.

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