Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Year 2 Day 69: Follow Up

Despite being prepared for a phone call on Wednesday, I got one this afternoon instead asking if I could come back in to Russell's Hall today so they could monitor the baby and possibly do another blood-draw. They said that some levels were a bit high in the test from Monday so they wanted to look a bit further and see if any discussion about an induction was necessary.

I was okay with this news and calm as a cucumber when I phoned Matt to see if he could take off a bit early from work -- that was until I heard my husband's voice on the other end and pregnancy hormones took over. I completely burst into tears which naturally worried him more. Once I was able to compose myself, I explained the phone call and he arranged with his gaffer to get off around half-three.

I took a nap until Matt got home and we headed to the hospital. We waited in the Day Assessment Unit roughly 30 minutes until the midwife came to apologise that she would have to send us up to triage in the Maternity Ward. She said the influx of people coming in just wouldn't allow her monitor me before they were due to close...so off we were in the lift to the 2nd floor.

We checked in and I was given a bed and hooked up to a foetal monitor before my blood-pressure was taken. That midwife commented that it was a bit high and asked if I ever had blood-pressure issues before. Matt pointed out to her that it was likely due to the anxiety over not knowing if I would have to be induced or not -- which is not the best feeling to try and cope with, regardless of what stage in pregnancy one is. She popped back in a few times while Bunny's heart-rate stayed in the mellow 140s.

We suspected she must have been expecting a bit of action out of him which is when I explained his activity pattern was that of a hermit crab -- he typically comes out at night. As in 2-3am kind-of-night. Like his daddy. At this she gave me some cold water to try and wake him up a bit. This yielded a few kicks and rolls, but he pretty much gave some baby V's and went back to sleep. Still, the midwife seemed satisfied enough and said the doctor would be in shortly.

When the doctor came in she explained why the blood test from yesterday was concerning and said in cases where Obstetric Cholestasis was suspected, they generally try to induce the mother before 39 weeks rather than allow the pregnancy to or past the due date. Since I wanted to give nature a chance, I asked the risks of postponing an induction (just for a reasonable period) for other options such as a membrane sweep. She said there wasn't an immediate threat so they would agree to allow another blood-test tonight and see what the results were from that before making any final decision.

So...I got poked.


An hour later, after a walk downstairs, a munch on a Wispa bar, and dear hubby kindly sharing his Costa mocha coffee, we returned to triage and learned after a bit of a wait that the bloods came back within reasonable limits and the need for an induction was ruled out.

PHEW! I would be going home sans baby...or rather, sans "outside" baby for the time being!!

They still want me to return Friday morning for repeat bloods and another session of monitoring just to be safe, but otherwise, a good end to a potentially scary situation. I should also mention, my blood-pressure was taken just before I left and was right back where it always has been.

Surprise, surprise people...when you tell me you're not gonna keep me captive after all!


geeta said...

Glad you and baby are okay!

Meg said...

Thanks, Geeta! x

Christine said...

So glad it all turned out well! Hopefully bunny gets tired of being inside an starts to make an appearance on his own soon. :) xx