Friday, 11 December 2009

Year 2 Day 72: Pocket Full of Sunshine

The photo for today is in no way indicative of my mood -- my mood is great! Matt dropped me off this morning at Russell's Hall to get my bloodwork started while he fished for a parking spot and then met up with me to go to the Day Assessment Unit for my CTG (where they monitored bunny's heart-rate and movements). I even had a little clicker this time that I had to press whenever he moved. It was pretty funny at one point because he must have shifted his body closer to the heart-monitor and the heartbeat got so loud that you could hear it over the monitors of the other three women in the room -- one of the midwives had to come turn ours down since our kid was making the most ruckus. HA! Embarrassing his mother already, I see.

The midwife I was assigned to was fantastic! Sheena Ross. She was so upbeat and positive and she made sure to explain so much to us. At one point she was telling how the baby was positioned, with his back to my back, and she was nice enough to give several suggestions for helping him to turn so his back was to my belly. She said it would make labour much faster if he were positioned this way...and who doesn't want a faster, less complicated labour? Matt and I agreed that we wished we could keep her with us (maybe in our pocket) or request her to be there during delivery because of her cheerful and personable attitude.

One of the many things she suggested, as others have, is walking. So, at home, shortly after 3pm I decided I better get started before I began to lose daylight -- the lingering fog throughout the day certainly wasn't helping either. I managed a healthy mile and a half in just 40 minutes down by Fens Pool Nature Reserve and back, so considering the state I'm in at the moment (term + 1), that is pretty good. I felt great by the time I got home and I still feel good in general, but it's fair to say my energy alone has been drained which is why I am posting early and headed up to become a bed-hermit at only a quarter past five.

Oh, for those bloods came back normal again today, so no Cholestasis (for now at least). I see my regular community midwife again Monday and if bunny decides he's still comfy, I head back for a repeat CTG (monitoring) next Friday. Perhaps I should start a pool to see when people think he will make his appearance? I promise to let everyone know though as soon as it all starts...don't worry.

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