Monday, 21 December 2009

Year 2 Day 82: Crouching Baby...

After taking many blows to the bladder and ribs for the majority of the past 40 weeks and 8 days, I didn't need convincing that my child was likely part-ninja. For those who were in doubt, I give you photographic proof that this is true. I think he's actually meditating here whilst dreaming he's in a Jackie Chan film.

I was supposed to be returning home today, but due to some high levels in my blood at the last blood draw, they want to keep me another night for "monitoring." By monitoring they mean, hold me captive and check in on me long enough to give me my pain meds and respond to when I hit the little orange button to ask when the dinner trolley will be around.

So, since I'm prisoner of Russell's Hall, I may as well make good use of my time. There is some fantastic photographic-lighting in this room so I've decided to turn it into my very own little photography studio. I could honestly put that Bounty baby photography lady out of business considering the pant photo she took today of my little man. Hideous!

See what I mean?! I'm not paying money for that! (I'd like to believe he even had his chubby fist pulled back to sock her in the nose...but she clearly cropped that out.)

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Kim said...

Good lord that hospital photo is brutal! They're probably using the same camera they used in 1954! Thank god you're there to capture his true loveliness! I think he looks just like you in the picture on this post!