Monday, 14 December 2009

Year 2 Day 75: Find Some Comfort Here

Meet my new little friend. I have decided that he may end up out of his little box tonight to comfort me with his soothing sounds -- I prefer the whale songs, personally. To be fair, he's not technically MY new little friend...not for long anyway. He came with a giant box of generous baby goodness sent from a friend/former schoolmate, Jen and her mom, Susie (who was coincidentally my 5th grade teacher as well and a good friend of my mom's). In fact, a surprise even from yet another former teacher, Miss Schuttinger (7th grade) was included, too. A huge THANK YOU to the three of them for their thoughtfulness from Matt and I, of course...and our bunny (who, as you may have guessed, is still deep in hibernation).

Jen and her mom sent a variety of sizes which will accommodate bunny for his first couple of years, as well as some adorable, lightly used things from Jen's little boy, Jonny...who isn't quite so little anymore. I decided to feature the Sleep Sheep in tonight's blog to illustrate how much of his cuddliness might come in handy later on based on some of the days' events...and the sheer fact that I am still 'with child' at now 40 weeks and 4 days.

I saw my regular community midwife again today, this time with hubby in tow, and went through the motions. Blood pressure taken. Bump measured. Heartbeat listened to. She even offered to throw in a complimentary membrane sweep...oh yeah! And although I will spare any detail, for anyone who hasn't had this done, it transcends any description that could do it true justice. If you're a Family Guy fan, or not, I urge you to pull up a YouTube clip of the episode where Peter Griffin goes in to the doctor and ends up with a prostate exam which leaves him confused and feeling quite violated. I envision this when anyone asks me how today went and then I think, "if she only would have bought me dinner first..."

I know...sooo wrong.

Anyway, hope that paints a pretty picture for ya.

Needless to say...we will see if the sweep yields any results in regards to progression and I will continue to sip on my trusty Raspberry Leaf Tea and Google acupressure points to naturally induce labour...all whilst snuggling with my son's super-soft Sleep Sheep. I don't think he would mind.


Christine said...

He looks so soft I want to cuddle with him!!! :)

Craftaholic Mom said...

Glad you like him Meg! We love you and are rooting for you...and Bunny!