Sunday, 20 December 2009

Year 2 Day 81: The Great Wipe-Gate Scandal

Gasp! The end of the world! I used baby wipes INSTEAD of cotton wool and water AND I got caught! TWICE! One of the midwives walked in this morning and told me off, saying that my 'sensitive' Pampers wipes, contained in my 'New Mum' pack from Bounty...coincidentally supplied BY the hospital, are too harsh on baby's new skin.

Uhm...I'm pretty sure it's not going to hurt him, AND there is NO WAY I'm using a couple measly pieces of cotton wool and water to scrape the sticky, meconium poo off my child's rear. Sorry.

Then, I was discovered again in the afternoon committing the same dreadful offence...oh yeah, I'm a rebel, folks! That midwife said in a very snooty tone, "And may I ask WHY you're not using cotton wool and water?" I started to answer and all I was able to reply was "Because..." before she chimed in with an equally snarky "...what, because it's EASIER?" All the while in my head I'm thinking 'Dozy cow, you better leave my room before I launch this poopy nappy AT you.'

I could understand if I had a cigarette and was lighting it and sticking it to my child's lips whilst encouraging him to inhale deeply (THAT is a valid concern)...but BABY WIPES?!?!

Give me a break!


Barb said...

haha Wow. Yeah, we always used wipes and have yet to deal with diaper rash.

Congratulations by the way! You have a beautiful baby there! :)

Erin said...

Pampers sensitive baby wipes, the only baby wipes Nicholas was allergic to. . . he he he, I remember being given wipes in the hospital to use in the US! Silly Brits!

Knithappens said...

do what ever is best for you and bubba, I use a mixture of washable wipes, pampers and cotton wool, depends what i have to deal with lol.
They think when you are a firsttick time mum they can bully you, i say stick 2 fingers up at them. Makes me lauh when it is a midwife who has never had kids