Friday, 18 December 2009

Year 2 Day 79: Gas + Air = FAB!

The hideous picture above was sent to several friends via my husband on my direction once I was introduced to this fantastic little buddy. Yep, laughing gas, essentially. It made a WORLD of difference, let me tell you!

We arrived at the hospital just before 8am and checked into triage. We hoped to have been there sooner, however upon leaving the house we quickly found out the car wouldn't start so thankfully Josie (Matt's mom) was able to pick us up on her way there to meet us anyway. She was to be playing the role of "THE Mom" in the delivery room and I'm sure quite anxious to finally have gotten the call that it was time.

I was monitored for an hour or so in triage and told if I wasn't dialated to at least 4 cm, they would likely send me home. So you better bet I WILLED progress to myself. It came in the form of the midwife saying during her check "Looks like you've dialated 3-4 cm...we're keeping you."

I was shown to a room that had a bath for me to try to start labour in. Great...I've already taken three since it all started yesterday. I stayed in the tub for about an hour or so, but decided it was making me too hot and uncomfortable, so I was shown to my personal birthing room. This is where many people started to see Facebook updates with photos of my whereabouts.

Not long after being in the room, a midwife came and introduced herself as Joy. I liked Joy. She was positive and encouraging. I laboured to 5-6 cm before Joy's shift ended and Jekyll & Hyde Vera stepped in. I did not like Vera. She was negative and bossy. She warmed up to us all a bit, but was still quite the 'Negative Nancy'. The first impression I had of her she was going on about how I wasn't making progress, which contradicted what Joy had told me she was definitely raining on my parade. I tried my best, therefore, to focus on the end result.

Although I wanted to try things natural, I was given an epidural somewhere between 7-9 cm because they needed to make my contractions more consistent with and speed things up with some Syntocin...(we end here at midnight with NO PROGRESS).

(To Be Continued...)

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gas and air is amazing