Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Year 2 Day 77: Mary Lynn - Version 9.0

My mother would be proud. I'm sure she never imagined this day would come. I'm a cleaning maniac! I just can't stop. And I think I even kind of like it. There was a large portion of the day where I lounged and napped...and drooled on my own arm. But then out of nowhere it hit me. MUST. CLEAN. NOW. So clean, I did. I started with the coffee table. The table that is the 'dumpster' for everything...letters from the post, empty cigarette boxes, half empty coffee mugs, tissues, XBox pads, a rogue screw, remote controls-- er, those are always strewn all over the sofas.

After the coffee table, it was on to the hoovering. And hoover, I did. I got all the little bits too...and the cobwebs that we've been avoiding for weeks now. Zapped em! I even pulled out the hose attachment and tackled the stairway with all Myst's furry deposits, which took quite some time. I discovered only later that Myst sought refuge from the vacuum under the duvet on Matt's side of the bed...something he hasn't done since we lived in the scary craphole in Dudley. Poor thing.

Matt just grinned as he watched me doing all of this and then his jaw dropped when I told him I was planning to scrub the kitchen floor next. I told him I couldn't get enough and needed to be an octopus so I would have more arms to clean things. I think by then he figured I was unwell and would be better off going back to bed because certainly something had to be wrong. This was like nesting on crack!

My urges have since died down, but for a while I was going pretty strong. I'm finding my patience wearing thin with each new day and I'm really SO over this by now. I've warned Matt that if I am short with him or snap without warning, it's not personal nor is it intentional. I've just run out of reasons to feel like being nice -- which I'd like to think is out of my character. And no offense, but if one more person asks me WHEN I'm having the baby or WHEN I THINK I will have the baby, I'm going to absolutely scream! (Please don't misinterpret this for me being unappreciative or aggravated by others' concern about his punctuality, or lack thereof...but if you're pregnant, or have been're more likely to understand. I think it's pretty fair to say I want him here more than anyone else.)

Seriously, Bunny...whenever you're ready!

::waddles back to the treadmill with mug of Raspberry Leaf Tea::

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Smocha said...

Ooh! now you're cookin'.. The cleaning frenzy is a sign that labor is coming SOON!