Thursday, 3 December 2009

Year 2 Day 64: Painting the Pigs

That's right...sit back and marvel at the feat I mastered on my feet tonight. The endurance it took to even prop my Barney Rubble up on the table alone was near unimaginable. Then of course there was the skill of painting each nail neatly before the sciatic pain crept down my entire leg. But I did it...not only to one, but to BOTH feet! Look at me go!

I figured there may be a small chance my feet will be seen by people other than Matt in the coming weeks and the chipped polish from the summer was not going to cut it -- so each little piggy got a fresh coat of my Rimmel London 60-second varnish.

It's fair to say that pregnancy has caused a bit of swelling, but the photo really isn't far off how my peds normally appear (with Vienna-sausage-like nubbs). I've learned to accept them.

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