Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Day 98 of 365: Give-A-Frog-A-Name!

Meet my Ty Pillow Pal tree frog, Ribbit. He was given to me by a co-worker when I worked for Highlights for Children magazine. Word got around that I liked frogs and it seemed to be the ONLY gift I received from people for a good three years.

Note to Readers: Don't ever become known as "the girl who likes *insert animal name/object here*" because people tend to run with that. Unless it's money...hmm, "the girl who likes money..." That could be a good thing. But salt & pepper shakers didn't appeal to me any more, simply because they were in the molds of frogs on lily pads.

Anyway, tomorrow I will be in a Year 2 class for half a day and then back to the same school again on Thursday for part of the day in Year 2 for PPA (teacher-planning) cover and the other part in Year 1. It's part of a "trial" period for a potential long-term post. With Years 1/2 being similar to Kindergarten-1st grade (US), I need something to capture attention and maybe to use as incentive for the little darlings. So, I have decided to bring Ribbit with me. After all, he was a big hit in my own First Grade classroom last year. My students knew only the ones who were working diligently would have him on their desks -- it was a real privilege.

I'm not really a big fan of his given name, however. Ribbit doesn't suit him much with his bright colours, therefore I thought I would throw this opportunity out there to anyone reading. Normally, I would have the students name him, but since I don't know how many classes I will be in over the course of the two days, nor do I know for how long...so I figured it to be more efficient to introduce him myself.

If anyone has any suggestions, please post them as a comment on this blog post. I won't be heading to Birmingham until around 11am, so I should have some time in the morning to check on here to see what people have said. Then, the tree frog, formerly known as Ribbit, will hopefully make his debut and I shall report back on his progress.

**UPDATE: The frog did not make his appearance as originally planned due to time constraints, but I am still welcoming suggestions for a name.


Brianne said...

Name him Goobielicious.

FutureMrsC said...

He could be Forest....like rainforest?

Brianne said...

For once let me be serious here. I slept on it, and I think you should name him Javier.

BGC said...

He looks like a Zeke to me.....or Mr Goob