Monday, 26 January 2009

Day 118 of 365: Takin Care of BiNNess

Snacking on some veggies tonight instead of chewy gummy snacks or crisps. Such a healthy little American I am! I didn't take a photo today because I've been on the phone with several places from the States and before long it was too dark to take a photo outside.

I did make some progress today in getting the ball rolling with the immigration of my furry kids to the UK. There are SO many strict rules they have to follow to get here from the US, but I love them like my own family so I will do what it takes. Any cat lover can appreciate this feeling.

I had to arrange for Sophie to get another rabies vaccination as her current one runs out on the 4th of February. If she doesn't get another one before that, her 6 month quarantine will have to start all over again and I will need to pay for another expensive titre test. The woman who is boarding the girls told me she could take Sophie for me on Friday for her vaccine since she has to stop by to pick up paperwork anyway (her dogs go to the same vet, thankfully). Also, I will conveniently be able to contact the vet and pay for the service with my card over the phone, so it won't cost her out of pocket -- not that $12 could break the bank.

For a pet to fly from the US to the UK, it's not as simple as them flying in the cabin on the flight with you. They have to follow something stringent called the PETS Scheme whereby they have to have certain tests done at certain times and specific paperwork filled out in specific coloured ink, etc. The unfortunate part about the whole process is that the "professionals" that I have to deal with, namely the small-town vet, have no idea what they're doing. In essence, I have to be the expert (as someone put it to me today).

I absolutely cannot wait until I can post Annie and Sophie's picture on this blog to show you all that they're here and starting to settle in. Myst will have two new female companions and won't even know what to do! But I am certain they will all be happy together with Matt and myself to love and fuss them all.

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UK Christine =^..^= said...

I saw your post to me.. I be more then happy to help you out with the steps as I was able to get my three kitties over here with no problem. There was plenty of stress as I remember one day I was driving home from work in hysterics and tears because my no nothing vet was not doing what I told him needed to be done. But you are right, you are the expert here! I work 1330-2130 this week so I will look for you during the day before I leave so that we can chat about it all.. :)