Thursday, 15 January 2009

Day 107 of 365: Celebrity Big Brother

I've been catching up via 'on demand' with any episodes I have missed. Last year's theme was Celebrity Hijack and it was quite funny. Each couple of days a different celebrity would 'hijack' the house and become the voice of Big Brother -- giving them absurd little tasks and making up new rules as they went. This year, the house features three American celebs mixed in with British celebs: Coolio, Latoya Jackson, and Verne Troyer. (Above: Here are Verne and housemate/singer Michelle Heaton in the diary room -- similar to MTV's confessional. They're complaining about their shopping task for the week.)

I really can't help it, but Verne is just so cute in this task where he has to wear a teddy bear costume and eat a pot of honey within 4 hours. Tonight's episode is when Verne got the brilliant idea to jump off a stack of boxes whilst wearing said bear costume. It was so funny, yet so adorable. It made me want to put him in my pocket!

I prefer Big Brother in the UK over Big Brother in the US. It's on every single night, for one thing, and it's not presented like a regular television program with things like "sneak peeks" at the upcoming episodes. Also, the public vote the housemates out of the house and they get evicted LIVE to a crowd of boos or cheers.

Much more entertaining.

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UK Christine =^..^= said...

OMG!!!!! Did you see tonight (Friday)? Verne got a bit drunk and was hitting on Latoya and then decided it would be awesome for him to drive face first into the diary room door. I actually have a headache right now from laughing so hard. Andy kept rewinding it over and over to watch it again and again. It is actually going to be my picture today I think cause it was SO SO funny!!! :)