Thursday, 1 January 2009

Day 93 of 365: Wish I Were a Horse Whisperer

*hums tune to Gypsies, Tramps & Thieves*

Certainly one of these is the reason for tonight's photo opportunity. You'll understand after you read the post.

Seriously though?! Twice in ONE week?!

I saw this little fella (assuming it's a boy) on our way out of Em & Daz's tonight. He was standing in their neighbours' front garden munching on some grass and at first I didn't even know it was an animal. I thought someone was messing about and put a Halloween decoration outside on their lawn as a joke. Then he lifted his head and I pointed out to Matt and asked if he noticed it.

We could see he wasn't tethered to anything, so Matt decided to call the police again. This time the police called back and informed Matt it wasn't a police matter and advised him to call RSPCA.

In the meantime, Matt told the neighbour's since they were peeking out their window wondering why we were looking at their house. They came outside and the woman said, "I thought I heard a horse earlier!" She then disappeared inside her house and as Matt and I were getting ready to leave, she comes back out with a handful of food to try to feed him. Naturally, the horse freaked and did exactly what we were afraid of...he started out of the cul-de-sac towards the main road.

Matt and I pull off the drive and head for the main road as well to see which way the horse went. Apparently he had turned left and another motorist pulled along the side of the road to see if their eyes were deceiving them. A police car drives by at this point, but doesn't even bother to stop. Matt pulls up next to the car that just pulled over and tells them how it was just in the neighbour's yard and that the police were called but said they couldn't do anything. The passengers made some comment to the effect of "no surprise there" and chuckled before we set off for home.

Once back at the flat, Matt got a call from Em who said the people she called at the RSPCA told her it wasn't an RSPCA-issue, but a police-issue. (Thus, the vicious circle starts again.) So, Matt calls the police back and shares this with them what the RSPCA advised. The police explain how they don't have the facilities to look after the horse, so they still cannot help.

There you have it folks. We did what we could. There has to be someone who is capable of helping this poor animal before it gets splattered in the road?! I may even write a letter to the Editor of one of the local papers about this. It's so frustrating. I'd also like to know how these random horses keep getting loose. In fact, Em or Daz had mentioned to Matt that there are some gypsies in a nearby field and the horse may have belonged to them. He did look a little unkempt and scraggly now that I think about it -- that would make sense if he belonged to them. Still...poor thing.

Perhaps Matt and I should keep some spare saddles and bridles in the boot from now on?


Helen said...

That's hysterical!

Brianne said...

You are tugging at my heart strings with all of these posts about horses! <3 Bryan said I would be liable to drag the poor horse against its will into the backyard and tie it to a fence for safe keeping. He's probably right on the spot with that assumption.

mzieg said...

My wife was startled by a similar experience the week after we were married, and she had just moved down to Kissimmee, Florida.

As we were sitting at a traffic signal on US-192 (a pretty major highway, the main thoroughfare to Disney World 10mi down the road)...a cow came trotting past in the left-hand lane, keeping up with traffic and not bothered a bit by the cars before and aft.

"Er, does that happen often?" she enquired. "Yep...we got cows," I sagely replied.

UK Christine =^..^= said...

You and your horses!! lol

FutureMrsC said...

It's not the same horse, is it?

Goodness. I know horses run wild in the New Forest, but I didn't think it was other places!

Meg said...

So, no...not the same horse as earlier when we saw two together. This one was mangier.

Matt already has enough patience as it is allowing me to be all picture happy with the little runaways...I don't know how he'd feel about me begging him to follow a COW of all things!

I would honestly know how to report this since neither the police, nor the RSPCA seemed to want to accept any responsibility.