Sunday, 4 January 2009

Day 96 of 365: **ALERT!**

Please Note:
My boredom (because of being out of work from holiday) status has now been raised to "yellow" or "elevated," if you will. This means I have significant risk of climbing the walls soon.

I feel like I have nothing to really take photos of lately, unless there's a random vagabond horse. This photo was taken today (from our kitchen window, overlooking the neighbour's back garden) around 4:30pm and there is STILL frost outside on the ground. This seriously inhibits my desire to go on a walk, which means I am stuck inside all day because I can't drive anywhere. I can't drive anywhere for a couple of reasons...first, I'm not insured on Matt's car, so that option isn't open...and second, I don't have money for petrol to get me any place if I was insured on his car.

Thus. the end result...boredom.

Hurry up, springtime!!


Brianne said...

Have you tried driving at all yet? I'd imagine it would be rather strange trying to navigate around, all while having to remember that the the WRONG side of the road, is in fact the RIGHT one!

Meg said...

Nope. I keep being told we will practice...but the followthrough is non-existent.

Ladies love Goobielicious said...

UGH!!! MEN!!!

Why is it they NEVER follow through with their promises?!?!

= )

Meg said...

Now you're taking the piss, hehe.