Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Day 106 of 365: Happy Birthday, Nan!!!

Today is my Nan's 79th birthday. I tried calling her using Skype, but her number was busy, so I will just keep trying. I haven't seen her since my brother's wedding, but talked to her only a few weeks ago, just after Christmas.

Here is my Nan with me and my cousin Ashley at Andrew's wedding reception in March. Love her!!

There are SO many January birthdays in my family. My Uncle Burl and cousin Keaton had birthdays within the first week.

Then there was my Aunt Lisa, just this past weekend.

My brother and sister, Andrew and Anna, turned 24 on Monday. They obviously don't look like this anymore, but they were the sweetest school pictures. My mom made us all wear red jumpers that year with white turtle necks. We thought we looked like the Brady Bunch with our photos on the wall at home.

Of course, my Nan's is today and then my Dad's birthday is tomorrow. My cousin Katey's is two days before my birthday, which is next week on the 23rd. And then my mom's birthday is the 27th. She would have been 57 this So weird.

Suffice it to say, January could be a potentially expensive month -- and I didn't even get into my friends' birthdays!

But today belongs to my beautiful Happy Birthday, Nanny!!! Love and miss you LOADS! xx

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