Saturday, 3 January 2009

Day 95 of 365: Go Sho'tay, It's Yer BirFday!

I went with Emma today to Spacehoppas for the birthday party of her friend's daughter. I realized after leaving the flat that I had forgotten my camera, so my mobile had to suffice. To further complicate matters, the software for the phone is packed away back in the States, so I cannot upload the pictures from the phone. Thus, the reason why you're having to settle for a poor quality photo tonight. (Just be glad it's not another kitty pic.)

Spacehoppas is similar to a Magic Mountain Fun Center (in the US)...only sans anything too mountainous. In fact, it may very well have been as cold as some weather ON a mountain. Lots of kids were putting on cardigans when they weren't playing.

The photo was taken inside the designated "party zone" where the adorable, newly-turned 7-year-old sat with her friends and family and then blew out the candles on her High School Musical birthday cake.

Naturally, today's festivities made me recall my own birthdays as a child when I would have my own and friends' parties at United Skates of America.


Setting: Friend's birthday at United Skates of America, circa 1990. The lights dim and the announcer comes over the PA..."this will be a couple's skate only..."

The DJ starts to play "Because I Love You" by Stevie B and my all-time crush passes by me to ask someone else to skate. My heart sinks.




martinek2b said...

Hahahahahaha...that sounds exactly like one of my flashbacks!!!! So who was your crush? I'm going to take a guess...were his initals M.F.? ;)~

Meg said...

Ah, no...a much older man. Two grade levels at least. Haha. Nice guest though.

Pretty Panda said...


I wonder if this was the skating party at which I splatted on my face and consequently had purple knees for a month? Ahhh, such fond memories. Tim Goodenow skating by yelling 'safe!' like an umpire...