Friday, 16 January 2009

Day 108 of 365: Safety First, Boys and Girls

Tonight Matt pointed out the change in wording on these speed camera signs. We were on our way back from my supply post today in Perry Barr and this sign was spotted just before we got to Tipton. Normally, they actually say SPEED CAMERA, however, now it looks as though they are trying to be clever and trick motorists. I think they should just call it what it really is, a cash machine for the Po-po. These things are everywhere!

My post was pretty interesting today. I spent an hour this morning in Year 4 doing Maths. Like many posts I often get asked if I am Canadian, since there are many Canadian Supply Teachers and our accents sound a bit similar to the British. I clarified that I was American and one little girl spoke up to tell me the following:

Girl: Miss, do you know what my dad says about Americans?
Me: No, I don't. What does he say? *cringing and expecting a remark about politics or something about Americans being dumb or loud, etc.*
Girl: My dad says that Americans don't have curly hair.

Since I wore my hair curly today, and I am, in fact, definitely American, I clarified for the little girl that some Americans, like myself, DO have curly hair. Still, I wonder where THAT assumption came from?

I spent the rest of the morning with the little darlings in Foundation. I was also with them all day yesterday and some of the little ones remembered me, since I bribed them a bit with stickers. One little girl kept calling me Mrs. Ben-ick, but at least she was calling me by my name and not just 'Miss' as most of them do.

For the remainder of the afternoon I was in Year 5 for Science and P.E. That is one thing about teachers in the UK, they run their own P.E. classes rather than it being an extra resource class run by another teacher. As soon as the students in this class found out I was American, a boy asked me, "Do you know a man called Paul? He's my uncle and he lives in America."

Yep kid, I know EXACTLY who that is. It is a bit sweet though. I had to explain how America is a very big place and I don't know everyone who lives there. I don't think it helped much as I got asked 10 minutes later if I knew 50 Cent. You can tell my old age is a'creepin because I thought they were asking me if I had 50 cents (which I did).

Now that I am finally back home, I feel as though I am about to just pass out I'm so exhausted. It makes me so happy to know I have a weekend to look forward to. Then it's back to school again Monday. I'm a teaching machine!

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