Saturday, 7 January 2012

Y4 - 99/365: Go, Go, Go!

I'm back to using my phone as my camera until I can afford the stinkin lithium batteries it takes to power my regular the shots won't be anything spectacular (especially if they're taken after sundown).

I shot this one today after Ryan was up from his nap. Daddy brought him downstairs and I got him dressed before heading upstairs to get ready, myself. Before I left the room, I handed him the controller to his race car (that is normally kept out of reach so he doesn't bash the cat's skull in) and he went bonkers "driving" it around the room.

In the photo, he is perched on his yellow beach bucket, telling the car to "Go, go, go!" Matt has turned it from facing the sofa because Ryan is forever getting it stuck since he hasn't grasped fully how to work the forward and reverse buttons purposefully.

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