Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Y4 - 95/365: Back to Life

Since Matt returns to work on Thursday, he informed me that yesterday was his final lie-in for his time off and he wanted to get up the next two days (today and Wednesday) with Ryan so he could have that extra time with him. Although I'm not fussed about having several lie-ins at a time, I like to give the boys their one-on-one time on a morning...so I stayed in bed.

Surprisingly, this turned out to be much later than I intended today as I didn't fully wake up until Ryan woke from his morning nap. I heard Matt bring him upstairs to put him down, but then I seemed to blink and it was about an hour later and he was just coming out of his room with a dazed "I just woke up" look.

Shortly after half-five this evening, Ryan seemed a bit whingy. It wasn't in a poorly way, but I assumed it might be due to Matt having his game on XBox and he was bored, so I got down on the floor with him to play. He then reached up to me and asked for a cuddle before then placing his head on my shoulder and nodding off!

I couldn't believe it! He didn't have a temperature or anything, but was clearly exhausted. I held him for a bit but then put him on the sofa thinking he would wake on his own and hoping he would as I knew how hard it would be to get him down later tonight. But no, he stayed that way for about 25-30 minutes and as much as we hated to wake him, we knew it had to be done.

He was not a fan of this.

He perked up a bit after his dinner and we faffed about in the front room for a while after until it was time for him to go down. Matt had his antibiotics ready and Ryan was more than happy to get them down the hatch.

He has always been really good about taking his medicine -- especially now since one is banana-flavoured. Mmm!

He did get out of bed once after I had him down and left his room tonight, but a reminder that "It's bedtime" and a pointing finger was all it seemed to take before he was back under his duvet and off in dreamland.

Here's hoping we start to get back in the swing before I start getting work again -- which may not be long.

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