Monday, 30 January 2012

Y4 - 122/365: Monday Adventure

We decided to head out to Merry Hill this afternoon to get Ryan a new pair of trainers since the ones he has currently are a size 5 and his feet now measure a 6 at Clark's. So we caught the bus at the bottom of our road and off we went.

Remembering the last time we took the bus, I knew to fold up Ryan's push-chair as buses have limits on their insurance on how many they can have un-collapsed with a child inside. So, once we arrived at the bus stop, I suited Ryan up in his trusty bumblebee reins and had him sit on his changing bag while I  held one end of the lead and folded the push-chair.

The bus arrived within just a few minutes and I paid the fare before we promptly took our seats. I was so proud how he (and teddy) sat on the bus like a big boy!

When we reached the mall, we headed straight into Matalan because Matt needed some new thermal socks for work. Unfortunately they were out and claimed they were only ever sold at Christmas time. Still, Ryan saw a Humf book he just couldn't live without, so my arm was twisted. He even got to pay the cashier with a £5 note and walk out carrying his purchase.

We then headed to Sports Direct to pick out his new shoes -- Adidas, of course. They really suited him.

Matt met us at the mall after work and we all headed home. As soon as we got inside, Ryan didn't waste any time in his new shoes, taking a breather in his armchair to dive into that new book!

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