Thursday, 12 January 2012

Y4 - 104/365: Kitty's Home!

Itty bitty kitty made her debut tonight. Originally we weren't due to have her until the start of next week, but one of Em & Daz's cats wasn't returning home and they felt that may be due to the two they were re-homed a bit early.

Matt wanted to introduce the little female to Myst right away...but soon realised that a more gradual approach may be best, as well as a "safe-room" for her in the meantime.

Ryan was loving another furry thing in the house and quite eager to stroke her and give her kisses. I think "gentle" is the key word we keep using over and over with him about her so he doesn't try to stomp on her.

At bath time Ryan was an absolute hoot. Normally he cries for Britain when I try to wash his hair, but this time he splashed his own face with water and kept doing it again and again and laughing hysterically.

Hmm...this could work in my favour...

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