Friday, 6 January 2012

Y4 - 98/365: Day and Night

Bless him. This is what I walked in to at twenty past seven this morning and it was exactly how I saw him when I left his room last night. Still spark out and not even ONE night waking!! Go little buddy! I'm hoping the antibiotics are part of the reason -- at least that is what Matt has suggested. He pointed out that he hasn't been coughing like he was, which is what we thought might be waking him in the night, so he's sleeping straight through. And he cuddled his teddy all through the night...awe.

He woke up in an amazing mood though. A bit groggy at first, but he chit-chatted with me while I quickly changed his nappy and got him dressed. I was worried that since we woke up about 10 minutes later than intended, all of our rushing around would get him all cranky...but he was upbeat all the way to the car and even said, "Bye, Mama," without a whimper.

Good lad!

Today was also his first day back at the childminder's. He came back with ax expertly painted watercolour painting in his purple that's going straight on the fridge. Then the first note in his book said "Ryan has been very happy today." Reading down the list it looks as though he did loads, which would explain why he was so happy...he painted, played with the shape sorter eggs and pretend food...he played with the musical radio and did lots of dancing, played ball, played with the trains, and he ran up and down her hallway "to let off steam."

So, yeah...busy boy!

He ate all his tea tonight and played nicely, driving his ladybird along the book "road," after Daddy headed out to see Uncle Daz. Then we did PJs and milk while I read one of his Beatrix Potter Bedtime Stories. Of course he then had some Mommy-cuddles for a bit and drifted off on my shoulder again, just like last night.

I know some parents are against giving too many cuddles or rocking your child to sleep (the whole "making a rod for your back" thing), but in my experience Ryan has a more peaceful sleep, most importantly, and I don't really mind doing it. I quite enjoy the quiet time. In fact, I really wouldn't want it any other way!

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Eastendmom said...

My first son was rocked to sleep every night until he was about 1-1/2. At the time I was told it was a bad habit, but he wouldn't go down any other way. He eventually grew out of it (and is now nearly 30!) so no permanent damage done. Enjoy those cuddly early years!