Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Y4 - 109/365: C is For 'Cookie'

Ryan started off the morning a bit whingy -- even though I was the one running on very little sleep. He had gotten into bed with us several times in the night and each time I marched him straight back to his own bed because he was doing my head in. It seemed to start around 4am when he thought that was an acceptable time to be really awake in our bed and flip flop around while giggling and trying to have conversations with us.

I doubt Matt remembers any of this.

Anyway, at half-past five this morning I marched him back for the last time. I brought my own pillow and stood guard (lying down) next to his bed until I heard his breathing change to "sleep" breathing.

By the time we got downstairs after half-eight, he was moody enough but trying his best to tell me what he wanted with his limited verbal vocabulary. I offered "food" (by signing), he said 'no.' I offered porridge and he declined. Then I said the magic word..."toast!" And DING, DING, DING...he wanted toast!

After brekkie we played together on the floor. I felt like such a zombie, but they're only this small for so long and I'm always afraid to let him down and miss a moment...so I stayed. I watched him grab his Cookie Monster off his shelf and I nearly passed out.

He's scared of this Cookie Monster and has barely touched him since Auntie Emma and Uncle Daz gave it him for his birthday last month. The most he has ever done was snatch cookies from his backpack...but he always makes Matt or myself "feed" the cookies to him. But low and behold now, he was doing this all himself. Sure, the machine was off so Cookie wasn't talking...but this is progress!

While Ryan was down for his nap, Royal Mail turned up with a parcel from the US. This one I was expecting, but not nearly so soon as the original ETA was 7-10 days. The parcel was from my friend and former primary school classmate, Lisa. She has a company which supplies  high-quality children's clothing lines to retail stores and about a week ago she kindly and generously offered to send along some samples she had on hand for Ryan. So as soon as he was up from nap, I put him in the first one with the cars on the front. He loved it and kept counting the cars!

A couple of the items are bigger so we will have to wait a bit until he is big enough, but the styles and patterns are quite nice. Everyone will think he's posh when they see him this summer! (Thanks again, Lisa!!)


Eastendmom said...

You have taken a very long break! Hope all is well.

Meg said...

Yeah, I got a bit of work after the last post and would often be too exhausted by the end of a night to post a blog. I'm going to be catching up over the next couple of days though because I have still been taking photos.

I hate falling behind though.