Friday, 27 January 2012

Y4 - 119/365: So Long, Farewell

So, I found this little anomaly this morning when checking the bank. Nicholas Packaging is the company Matt works for and his pay was due to go in this morning. Not only did it go in...but it went in TWICE!

Of course I rang him straightaway and wanting to be honest he was prepared to get it sorted...but he wasn't the only one. It seems everyone at the company received a duplicate pay and as a result, they're letting them keep it and they're just not paying them at the end of February.

Shame in a way though...Ryan thought Daddy was getting his 2012 Christmas bonus a bit early.

We also said goodbye to Cleo today. Thankfully a lovely expat friend, Evette, and her daughter, Abalena, have offered to take her in. They came by for a visit first this morning and Abalena decided her new name would be Pumpkin. We hope she settles in well.

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